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Plant-Baked Vegan Bakery

Roast Beaf & Potato Pot Pie (9”)

Roast Beaf & Potato Pot Pie (9”)

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Rich, comforting and super flavourful, our vegan roast beaf and potato pot pie is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Flaky, buttery crust filled with Veghammer’s juicy roast beaf paired with a perfect blend of potatoes, onions and peas in our in-house roast beaf gravy, seasoned with our signature blend of herbs and spices, topped with fluffy, golden brown puff pastry.

Serve it with our incredible cranberry herb stuffing and you’ve got yourself the perfect comfort food.

Contains: wheat, soy and mustard.

**Please note this item comes frozen**

*Limited quantities available!

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